A word used frequently and yet held lightly – why does it matter and what does it really mean? 

It is a word that is often reduced to regulation and compliance, to not breaking the rules, or at worst, not getting caught.

But the complex, often chaotic nature of the world does not lend itself to being reduced to a simple rulebook and neither do the global challenges we face – whether climate change, rising inequalities, social, economic and political unrest.

The choices we face are inescapably knotty, messy, entangled, confused and confusing. In this context, acting with integrity cannot be limited to simply knowing which rules to apply. In fact, integrity becomes invaluable precisely when the rulebooks no longer suffice. 

And when we step into the uncharted territory of the new and the emergent, it is then that acting with integrity becomes essential.

Claiming integrity is one thing, translating it into actions, beyond an abstract set of rules, something else entirely

So, where should we begin?

The Integrity Centre aims to explore the deep relationship between integrity and responsible business. Our ambition is to contribute to making responsible business a core part of an organisation’s purpose and actions.

Through action research, open enrolment seminars and laboratories, and bespoke missions, the Integrity Centre aims to be an instrumental partner in not just achieving your responsible business goals but in ensuring that they are attainted with integrity and are truly aligned with your values.

Corporate integrity is highly valued worldwide and yet its integration is incomplete*


respondents believe standards of integrity have either stayed the same or worsened


of the same respondents agreed that integrity is important.

Integrity is a fundamental prerequisite for long term sustainable economic success
* EY Global Integrity Report 2022

This is what we do

We work with complexity and uncertainty and ask questions of the assumptions we use as guidelines to create certainty which rarely exists. We do responsible business and being responsible and talk different ways of being for the greater good. We do not build facades, but we do engage with the business of reimagining and building good legacy. 

Stirred Not Shaken 

Our approach stirs thinking but does not shake those that we work with. Rooted in our deep experience of practice and theory we ask questions of and disrupt fixed mind-sets with the intention of influencing better more whole ways of showing up in the world; considering different ways of doing and being.

Critical Engagement Not Consultancy

We catalyse critical thinking. We work closely with our clients to open pathways to different realities by challenging conventions, and by making sense of their why, how and what and the way in which this influences organisational culture; often misaligned through mismatched values and purpose. We work with the difficult questions many are fearful of asking and speak the truth to those in power. 

Our 3 pillars

Action Research

As experienced and respected ethnographic researchers and veteran practitioners, we engage with research projects intent on adding to knowledge, meaning, reputation and furthering engagement and practice.

Why? Because there is no one size fits all rule book and acknowledging this offers an opportunity to explore deeper pathways to gain the necessary insights and operationalise integrity in responsible business. Respected research adds credibility to practice and stands as a differentiator, through investing in longer term thinking, impact and building positive legacy.

Complexity, Values, Purpose and Misalignment Course at Hawkwood College

An engaging two-day residential programme at Hawkwood College, located in 40 acres of beautiful Cotswolds countryside on the outskirts of Stroud, designed for those seeking a non-judgmental investment in the self, an agency and alignment tune-up of sorts, whereby we explore the hidden assumptions that constrain our thinking and ask the difficult questions of how we align purpose, values, life and business. A contemporary, highly relevant and expansive short course for curious improvement seekers. Enjoyable, varied and engaging, part of this programme explores ways of connecting with meaningful values and why this can add to individual agency, practice and society and lead to showing up differently in the world.

Why? Because we live in a world that is complex, interconnected and in a constant state of emergence in which present and future are not separated. This leads to tensions between expectations and reality, as we constantly search for certainty where there is none. Through engaging with and embracing complexity, preconceptions can be shifted towards an understanding that there are limits to certainty, that things are continually in a state of ‘becoming’ and that there exists the potential for new emergent futures rather than predicted, the results of which can be unexpected and astonishing (Boulton et al., 2015).

Doing Responsible Business

Bespoke one day on site programme designed specifically for industry leaders intent on building culture, doing responsible business and who are open to challenging the status quo for the benefit of themselves and those in their charge – present and future.

Why? Responsible business requires a different outlook and style of leadership and contemporary organisations are expected to embrace this with little guidance in terms of how to actually do it. Each organisation is a microcosm requiring its own best practice – this messy work needs exploring and confronting. Our award-winning team engage with you to help effect this transition. We do responsible business.

Our Home

Domiciled at Hawkwood College, the centre aims to bring together a wide range of partners including the corporate, and social and political spheres. The centre is also deeply rooted in academia and the international community through its links with universities, business schools and UNESCO.

The team

Who Are We and Why Us?

Professor Martin Calnan

Professor Martin Calnan studied at Stanford University in California where he graduated with Honors and Distinction. He then completed an MBA at Bocconi University in Italy, and is currently finishing his
Doctoral thesis on the Future of Value and its impact on Finance at École des Ponts Business School.

Martin is Director of Executive Education at École des Ponts Business School, as well as the chaired professor of the UNESCO Chair in Futures Literacy for the Future of Finance at the business school.

Martin also brings extensive experience in the corporate world. Over the course of his career, Martin has been the CEO of several companies in fields as varied as digital and leisure.

Dr. Jeremy Chapman

Dr. Jeremy Chapman is a globally experienced practitioner with a particular interest in responsible business and he advocates a deeper understanding and harnessing of integrity as a way of being; a force for diminishing fear and influencing prosperity.

Jeremy is a director of Sycamore Alliance Ltd, a wealth manager, and Honestley Ltd, a not for profit, and is the creator of Umbrella Money. He is also a Research Fellow with the UNESCO Futures Literacy Finance Chair at École des Ponts Business School, Paris, and a Futures Fellow at Hawkwood College, Stroud. He was the winner of the SJP Responsible Business of the Year Award 2023.

Jeremy holds a Professional Doctorate degree, DProf by Public Works, awarded by the Business and Law Faculty at Middlesex University, London. His doctoral thesis is entitled: “Kiasu: being afraid to lose, the evolution of personal and professional agency” (Chapman 2023).

We consider what integrity is.

What does it mean to act with integrity?
How does it materialise? And how does it materially contribute to changing the way we exist and do business? Is there even such a thing as responsible business without integrity?

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